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Browse our home staging testimonials and hear what other realtors, business owners and builders have to say about Under the Willow Interiors.

[ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Steve” description=”Realtor “]I am an agent who believes in staging. With very few exceptions, a staged home brings greater net proceeds in shorter time frames than a non-staged home. I have found Arow Taylor, owner of Under the Willow Interiors, to be the best of the best for my staging needs.
Aside from always being spot on with her experienced interior design skills, she is easy to work with and uses flexible and innovative pricing structures that focus on quick and positive results.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Holly S.” description=”Realtor “]I love connecting my clients with Under the Willow Interiors because I know Arow and her eye for aesthetics & design can always help make a home more compelling to sell. I’ve seen her work with a seller’s existing furniture and decor to achieve a more welcoming atmosphere where buyers will be able to picture themselves. I’ve also seen her convert a vacant home from being cold and cavernous into a place that feels like home…where you just want to sit down and linger a while. The results have spoken for themselves. One example of many, recently after not receiving any serious offers on vacant home in over 150 days; Under the Willow Interiors staged it, we re-listed the home, and it went under contract in under a month. My life as a real estate agent is made easier by having Under the Willow Interiors as a partner.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Steve” description=”Realtor “]A recent engagement epitomizes the power of Under the Willow Interiors. I unsuccessfully tried to sell an empty, intown Atlanta home in a great school district for 2 months with no staging. This was in the spring of 2018. In spring of 2019, my client agreed to stage with Arow. She took an unconventional 1940’s floor plan, accentuated all the positive features and made this home shine. Her recommendations were spot on to showcase the house in it’s best light.
The results were a home that went under contract in two weeks for 98% of list price. The seller and buyers were both ecstatic and the closing went smoothly. Additionally, the Seller spent $2,000 less than the nearest competitive bid![/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”John” description=”Realtor”]
We have been working with Arow for years and she is always easy to work with and does a fabulous job with our houses. She pays extra attention to details and puts a unique and stylish look to every house. We like that she gives us options and suggestions as to how to stage the house so the buyer gets an immediate feeling of ownership when they walk in the house. When Arow stages the house for us we not only sell the house faster but also at a higher price. Definitely worth the investment.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Earl B” description=”Realtor and Investor”]Arow and her team at Under the Willow are first class staging professionals. The sense of style for each home is always spot on. And they do what they said they would do, when they said they would do ir.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Steve” description=”Realtor”]Great service! Extreme professionalism! Great people!
Arow and I have worked together for years and she always delivers and goes the extra mile for her clients. I recommend Arow and Under the Willow Interiors whole-heartedly![/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Amy B” description=”Realtor and Client Relations Manager”]Arow has been a pleasure to work with! From estimate to install, she is a true professional. Her staging always give our vacant listings that pop they need to stand out from the competition. I have recommended her to others and would not hesitate to do so again![/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Jake W.” description=”Realtor and Investor”]I have been a Realtor and Investor since 2002 and have used multiple home staging companies. Under the Willow is by far the best. The stating package is specifically designed to enhance the unique features and personality of each home. Empty spaces become intimate and inviting. The “house” becomes a “home”. My listings look incredible and sell quickly. Under the Willow is my secret weapon for getting the highest possible price on my properties.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Amanda S.” description=”Realtor”]We couldn’t ask for better service! Arow and the Under the Willow crew are quick to respond and spring into action. They listen to the vibe you want the house to have and they have very reasonable pricing. They also have access to Supra lock boxes, which makes for a seamless process in getting a house ready to be sold! would definitely recommend Under the Willow to anyone looking for house staging.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Dan Petersen” description=”Realtor”]Arow’s services are an important part of my listing business. Her expertise in getting a home in show ready condition has definitely increased the opportunity to get that home sold quicker and for more money. Feedback from agents on listings she has staged consistently say that the home shows much better than average; and in any type of marketplace I leverage that advantage. My clients love working with her and if my clients are happy, I’m happy![/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Rebecca M.” description=”Keller Williams Agent”]As a Realtor, I know that every buyer makes a series of logical and emotional decisions during the home buying process. The logical decisions include items such as price range and location. Emotional decisions are made when the buyer sees the home for the first time. The house must exceed a buyer’s expectations in terms of floorplan, condition, cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere. In short, the house must present itself as a place the buyers want to call “home”. I encourage all of my listing clients to use the services of an Accredited Staging Professional Master™, Arow Flemmer, to achieve their home’s “best potential”. It’s exciting to see the professionally staged homes receive positive attention from buyers and other Realtors. I’ve found that the staged homes go under contract quicker and closer to the listed price than homes without staging. That’s win-win for everyone![/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Chip I.” description=”Keller Williams Agent”]I would recommend Arow with Under the Willow Interiors, to any motivated Seller who wants to sell their home faster and at a higher sales price. Arow furnishes my client’s houses, condos and lofts nicely using updated, casual furnishings, artwork and accessories that make any home look its very best. In today’s market, both pricing AND showing condition are the 2 most important factors in home sales. My smart sellers acknowledge this and understand the importance of staging. My client’s, too, love the end result she contributes to….a faster sale! Thanks Arow for your valuable service.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Von P.” description=”Atlanta, GA”]I am a real estate investor and Arow is part of my marketing team. After I remodel, she comes in a puts on the final touches with the furniture and accessories. She makes every house feel like home. Arow has made a big difference in my real estate business. I have recommended her to several investor friends.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”John H.” description=”Metro Atlanta”]I have hired Arow with Under the Willow Interiors for several of my real estate investment projects. Her work enhances what I have done to each house. She has a great pricing structure and all I have to do is tell her the address and she is turn-key from there. She has even helped me select paint colors, granite and tile. You won’t go wrong hiring Arow for your home staging needs.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Regina P.” description=”Real Estate Investor”]Arow Flemmer is the best home stager around. I called her to provide me with a price to stage a luxury home for me. She only had a few weeks to pull it off and I needed so much done. The house was 10,000 sf and I wanted most of it staged for an open house in two weeks. She not only pulled it off but she did a fantastic job and we received a contract at the open house. Thanks Arow.[/ewf-testimonial-adv][ewf-testimonial-adv name=”Steve R.” description=”Home Builder in Metro Atlanta”]A realtor in one of my subdivisions suggested I stage a different floor plan than our model. She knew Arow with Under the Willow Interiors and we used her for our first staging project. That property sold in 7 days. We decided to move the furniture to another lot because of the great success. Arow has worked for me in 3 different subdivisions and has staged 6 different properties. She has gotten better results than the other stager we used at the same time. We will stick with Arow and her team to stage our properties from now on.[/ewf-testimonial-adv]

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