Short Term Rental

Under the Willow offers a turnkey service for Short Term Rental Owners.  In addition to providing all the furniture you need, we also provide the appropriate amount of kitchen supplies, bathroom and bedding needs for the “beds and heads” you want for each property.

Short Term Rental demands are increasing daily, you want to attract the right audience and at the same time set yourself apart from the competition. You want the guests to tell their friends and family, and to come back.  How do you do this?  The solution is, stage your rental property with Under the Willow so the temporary living can be translated into a memorable experience.

We are ready to serve you with high quality furnishings, excellent service and affordability.

Our Process

We will design the spaces of your property to maximize the “beds and heads” for you.  We will stock the kitchen with the necessities to cook a meal, if they want.  We will supply the bathrooms and provide linens for the beds.

You may choose to purchase or rent the furniture, rugs, artwork and accessories.

We purchase using our wholesale resources extending the discount off retail to our clients. We ask for 50% deposit when you sign the contract, then we can get started.

If you choose to purchase the furnishings, you may pay the balance in full upon completion of installation or you may pay the balance with 12 monthly payments.

If you choose to rent the furnishings, a rental term will be determined and the rental amount will be paid for the full rental term.  UTW will refresh pieces as needed.

A Refresh

If you currently have an STR that needs some updating or you need to replace a few pieces of furniture, bedding, towels or kitchen supplies, UTW can evaluate the needs for a service fee of $150. If there are replacement items needed, with your approval, we will provide them and install them for you.

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