Atlanta Staging Furniture Rental

Don’t buy furniture to sell your home – rent your staging styles!
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Atlanta Staging Furniture Rental

What is Staging Furniture Rental?

You may have heard that staged homes sell faster than empty ones, but the idea of furnishing an empty home can seem costly and overwhelming.

Staging furniture rental is the cost-effective way to present a fully furnished home without spending an arm and a leg. With our home staging services, the furniture rental costs are spread out over a year’s time, so you won’t be stuck with high fees, or furniture!

staging furniture rental Atlanta

Why should I invest in Staging Furniture Rental in Atlanta?

A furniture rental service is the most practical way to stage your house to sell fast. Whether you have an empty home or have furniture left behind, which only requires supplemental staging, Atlanta staging furniture rental is a better investment than a designer.

Many homeowners and builders find designers to decorate their homes, only to find and find that the rates can cut into the profits of the sale. Designers can charge up to 10% of the list price to purchase new furniture and decorate. No matter how long the house is on the market, the cost is the same and the seller is left with the furniture.

Atlanta Staging Furniture Rental

Why choose Under the Willow Interiors for your Atlanta Staging Furniture Rental?

The staging furniture you rent from Under the Willow Interiors is hand-selected from our 3,600 square foot warehouse, full of designs to fit any price point. Whether you have a $90,000 condominium or a $3.75 million estate on the market, and everything in-between, we have pieces that fit your space and appease the eyes of your buyers.

The furniture we work with is known as transitional style – big pieces with clean lines – and it can be accented with accessories and artwork for any color palette. Don’t put more money into your sale – invest in Atlanta staging furniture rentals and sell now!

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