Occupied Home Staging

What is an Occupied Home Staging?

Sellers often explore the idea of home staging with a consultation; only to find they’re more comfortable having the home staging experts perform the recommendations made than continuing on their own. This is known as hands on staging.

Like the home staging consultation, hands on staging can also be known as occupied staging, as the sellers are still living in the space. Sellers can feel confident in the likelihood of a quick sale when investing in hands on staging.

Why should I invest in an Occupied Home Staging?

Reasons sellers continue working with home staging experts after the consultation varies from client to client. Clients may not have time, or may not feel confident in their abilities to make the changes.

No matter the reason for choosing hands on staging in Atlanta, it’s a worthy investment in the home selling process. Staged homes are proven to sit on the market for less time than empty or currently decorated ones, and our experts are among the best in the industry.

Why choose Under the Willow for your Occupied Home Staging?

At Under the Willow, our team consists of home staging experts that are also interior designers who are passionate about the home selling industry.

After a consultation, if the seller chooses to proceed with hands on staging in Atlanta, Under the Willow brings in a team to complete the changes and prep the home to be shown and sold. In most cases, our team completes the staging of a home in just one day!